PSG College of Pharmacy hosts 12th Graduation Day

Dr.Rajiv Sharma, Secretary, Science and Engineering Research Board , Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi awarded the degree to the graduates.The Managing Trustee of PSG & Sons L.Gopalakrishnan along with Dr.M.Ramanathan, Principal of PSG College of Pharmacy presided over the function.
A total of 124 students including UG and PG were awarded with Graduation certificates. Special awards were given away for outstanding students.
Gopalakrishnan,  Managing Trustee of the group said “PSG College of Pharmacy has been ranked first in the MHRD ranking. The institute has also received an Ayush Research Grant for 90 lakhs. And, two students from the college have procured University 1st and 2nd ranks and that the college will be sponsoring their educational and allied expenses’.
Dr.Rajiv Sharma in his Presidential address congratulated all the students upon graduating from this institution.
“Pharmacy has its roots from ancient periods. We know lord Shiva ia also called Neelakanth who during churning of milky ocean consumed poison to save all the living beings from destruction. He swallowed the poison and held it in his throat.  This proves that he had an antidote for that poison which stopped it from spreading in the entire body.
We have Ayurveda, Sidha which have been practised from ages.The students who have graduated today are following that legacy. While passing out you are not only taking education with you but the whole culture with you.” Dr. Rsjiv Dharma told his audience.
He also invited students to take up post doctorate fellowship at Science and Engineering Research Board as the centre has been spending 300 crore on young scientists. And, that women scientists are given fellowship prority. Every year, nearly 100 students are sent abroad for research and mentoring, under the condition that they work for the country after their fellowship abroad.
“Indian students are all over the World. And, students have a great future ahead of them. Students should start new ventures and pave way for newer employment opportunities’ added Dr.Rajiv Sharma.
Hundreds of students took part in this Graduation day along with faculty members of various departments.